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Stay Ahead of the Storm?


Despite the preparedness hype at the start of each hurricane season, a recent survey by Cummins* found most people (75%) still wished they had been more prepared for the storm, and 66% wished they had back-up power for their home.

Survey respondents endured significant inconveniences and financial setbacks as a result of weather-related power outages. More than 50% had to leave their homes, and 44.8% of homeowners suffered property damage, with an average cost of $3,743.

So what can you do to stay ahead of the storm?

Minimize the impact to you and your family by making a plan for severe weather:

  1. Find out if you’re in a flood zone. If so, take immediate steps to get flood insurance, as policies typically take 30 days to go into effect.
  2. Prepare a disaster kit for each member of your household, including children and pets. Check out our suggestions for safety items for each family member here.
  3. Weather is the leading-cause of power-outages in the U.S. Have a plan for backup power to ensure vital medical equipment and appliances like sump pumps stay on during a power outage. A home standby generator like Cummins Quiet Connect Series turns on automatically the moment an outage occurs. For families with basic power needs, a Cummins Onan portable generator may be the right choice. Learn which type is right for you here.

*Cummins surveyed 1,000 Americans that suffered through a hurricane and subsequent power outage in 2017


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