Cummins Standby Generators

The Power to Protect Your Home

Are you ready to protect your home with the guaranteed peace of mind delivered by a home standby generator?

This buying guide will help you make the right choice for you and your family.

Power Loss is on the Rise

Power outages can happen at any time, in any place. Driven by severe weather, aging infrastructure and equipment failure, each outage can cost the typical homeowner thousands of dollars. As the rate of outages increase, many Americans do not have a solution to protect their homes when their power fails.

While portable generators can deliver short-term power, many weather-related outages can leave families without power for days. Home standby generators provide guaranteed backup power when you need it most, set to turn on as soon as your home loses power.

When it comes to choosing a partner to ensure your home remains lit during the darkest storms, turn to the world’s proven leader in power generation – Cummins.


Did You Know: Power grid outages have increased 450% since 2003.


The Cummins Advantage

Unlike competitors, Cummins brings a century of industrial strength and reliability, repackaged for your home. That industrial mindset means Cummins generators live up to a higher standard, built tough to survive the elements and whatever life or Mother Nature throws at you and your home.

“The quality is way above the competition. If you want quality and longevity, buy a Cummins. You get what you pay for, and if you want reliability, there is no other choice. Very satisfied.”
- John M., Cummins Customer

Standby Power Options

Cummins delivers standby power options to fit the needs of any size home. Our wide catalog of generator sets is unmatched in performance and power delivery, offering multiple fuel options to match your home’s existing power supply. Whether you want to power your entire home through an outage, or just need to keep critical systems running, a Cummins dealer will match your needs to the right generator for you.

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No matter which Cummins generator you choose,
here are a few ways we stand apart from the competition...

  • Designed for Reliability

    A legacy of durability lives on in Cummins residential generators. Each is designed to endure extreme weather conditions, including temperatures well below freezing and 180 MPH winds.

  • Easy Testing and Maintenance

    Equipped with an innovative exercise mode, your generator can be set to exercise at your preference. In as little as two minutes every six months, your generator can self-regulate to ensure it runs when you need it most.

  • Built for Your Life

    Cummins advanced enclosure designs are built with comfort and your convenience in mind, resulting in the quietest generators of their kind. With operating noise levels similar to a normal conversation, your generator will never disrupt the comfort of your family.

  • Convenient Monitoring and Support

    Many Cummins generators are equipped with Cummins Cloud Connect electronic control to provide industry-leading self-diagnostics and easy user management. Each enclosure is designed to ensure easy removal and maintenance so required service can be completed rapidly and painlessly.


Powerful Peace of Mind

Sustained power outages can cost families up to $25,000 in shelter costs, emergency supplies, spoiled food, flood damage and property replacements.

A standby generator minimizes the harm to your home and family by ensuring critical systems like sump pumps, HVAC systems and refrigerators remain operational, even when the rest of the block loses power.

Want to know how much power you need in an emergency?

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World-Class Service and Support

With an industry-leading network of dealers and technicians, Cummins customers can expect world-class service and support, starting with your selection and purchase of your new home standby generator. 

A Cummins authorized representative can conduct a free, no-obligation assessment to determine the right generator for your budget and power needs. Together, you will identify the best location to install your generator and discuss any questions you have. Then, if you’re ready to buy, you can schedule a convenient installation date. 

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