Portable and Standby

Generator Safety Tips

During a power outage, your family’s safety is the top priority. In addition to taking important storm preparedness steps, a generator can assist in keeping you safe during an outage. It is important to practice good diesel generator safety. You may have questions like how do I use a generator safely? Where can I run my portable generator? How do I operate a generator? Be sure to follow all the generator safety tips below.


Portable Generator Safety Tips:

  • Never run your portable generator indoors. Invisible, odorless, carbon monoxide exhaust from portable generators in enclosed spaces like basements, garages, sheds or crawl spaces can be lethal.
  • Never plug your generator into a wall outlet. This can lead to electrocution.
  • Let your generator cool before refueling. Gasoline poured on heated engine parts can cause a fire.
  • Test your portable generator frequently. Idle generators can malfunction if not tended to properly.
  • Store gasoline in a safe place. Also, make sure you are using the right fuel type as directed.
  • Plug items directly into the generator. If your appliance is inside, use an outdoor rated extension cord at least equal to the sum of expected power loads (watts or amps).
  • Do not overload your generator. Even a unit that is properly connected can overheat or fail. Follow instructions as provided.
  • Keep your generator dry. Do not use your generator in rainy or wet conditions.


Standby Generator Safety Tips:

  • Ensure your home generator is installed properly. Cummins has nearly one thousand dealers in the United States and Canada to provide the expertise you need.
  • Make sure no debris or branches are surrounding your generator. Also, keep an eye out for small rodents that may enter the enclosure.
  • Frequently exercise your generator for optimal functionality. Cummins home generators exercise automatically based on your preferences, but it can be good to manually test your unit as well.

Safeguard Your Home with Cummins

Quiet. Compact. Reliable. Cummins home standby generators are a safe, permanent backup solution for your home when a power outage strikes.

Cummins home standby generators run on clean, efficient natural gas or propane, and are designed to automatically turn on when there’s an interruption in your utility company service. That means you and your family are never without power.

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