Cummins Home Standby Generators

Hurricane Preparedness Tips

Cummins, maker of home standby generators, has partnered with meteorologist Cheryl Nelson to provide tips on how you and your family can prepare for and stay safe during hurricane season.


Make a Plan

  • Educate your family about the importance of hurricane preparedness, and develop a plan together.
  • Define the criteria you will use to decide whether to remain in your home, seek shelter or evacuate.
  • Identify the safest place for your family to shelter in your home, and map out an evacuation route and alternates.
  • If you have pets, research which local shelters allow pets, and contact them in advance about pre-registering and any special requirements.
  • If your pets are microchipped, make sure that their information and tags are up-to-date. If your pets are not microchipped, now is a good time to do it.
  • Create a communication plan to keep family and friends apprised of your location and well-being.
  • Contact your insurance agent and find out what your current insurance policy covers if hurricane damage occurs.
  • If you’re in a flood zone, take immediate steps to get flood insurance, as policies typically take 30 days to go into effect.
  • Store important documents in a metal strongbox and keep important files on a portable flash drive.
  • Make sure all pets have collars with up-to-date identification and contact information.
  • Keep cordless devices such as tools, flashlights, cell phones, laptops, tablets, cameras and portable electronic games charged and ready.

hurricane emergency supplies kit

Collect and Inventory Supplies

  • Make a safety kit, including medical supplies, flashlights, batteries and a battery-powered or hand-crank weather radio, and ensure it is stored in a safe and easily accessible place. 
  • Have enough water on hand for one gallon per person (or pet) per day for at least three days. Additional water may be required in hot climates and for nursing mothers, children and those with medical conditions.
  • Have enough food on hand to feed the entire family for at least three days. Keep in mind any special dietary requirements.
  • Recommended foods include ready-to-eat canned meats, fruits, vegetables, soups, canned juices and non-perishable pasteurized milk. Protein or granola bars, dried fruits and high energy foods such as canned beans, canned tuna, whole grain cereal, nuts, pumpkin seeds, trail mix are also great to include, along with basic spices such as sugar, salt and pepper.
  • Include comfort foods like chips or cookies in your emergency kit. Those treats can be great for morale.
  • If you have an infant, include ready-made formula.
  • Remember to pack a manual can opener.
  • Put together your pet’s emergency kit with food and water, a sturdy carrier or extra leash and collar, extra waste bags and/or litter box and a favorite toy or two for comfort.
  • Download more tips for seniors, kids and pets.

covering windows for stormprotection

Secure Your Home and Property

  • Prior to hurricane season, clean rain gutters, ensure soil and mulch slope away from the home and seal foundation cracks.
  • Check your roof for loose shingles and leaks. A properly maintained roof will help prevent water damage.
  • Trim branches and inspect trees for signs of disease or weakness that could leave them prone to collapse in heavy wind.
  • Install and test sump pumps to evacuate water from your basement or any low-lying areas of the home.
  • Secure outdoor furniture, including umbrellas or decor such as bird feeders and hanging plants, as they can become projectiles during high winds.
  • Position cars close to your home on the lesser side of expected winds and away from trees and power lines.
  • Keep blinds, curtains and shutters closed, as this reduces the chance of debris entering your home.
  • Locate power, gas and water cutoff switches and valves and know how to turn them off in the event of an emergency.
  • Check storm shutters or window storm-proofing for any needed repairs and make sure they’re within easy reach. If you don’t already have a way to protect your windows from high winds, ask your local hardware store for tips.

Don't Be Left in the Dark

Cummins home standby generators keep the lights on when utility power goes out due to severe weather or utility failure. It’s a safe, permanent backup power solution for your home.

Cummins generators are quiet, compact and reliable, and automatically turn on when there’s an interruption in your utility company service. That means you and your family are never without power.

It’s the ultimate in hurricane preparation.

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