Tips for Maximizing Smartphone Battery
During a Power Outage


Conserving Your Battery

  • Reduce screen brightness
  • Enable low-power mode (iOS | Android)
  • Use text or email for non-emergency communication
  • Close apps you don’t need (they may be running in the background, draining your battery)
  • Put your phone in airplane mode when not in use (so it isn’t searching for networks)
  • Use a battery powered radio with extra batteries (or a hand-crank radio) to get news instead of wasting your cell phone’s charge

Charging Your Phone

  • Battery powered backup chargers - 5000mAh can charge a typical smartphone from empty 2-3 times
  • Power inverters use your vehicle battery to charge your device
  • Solar chargers distill sunlight to battery power and can be purchased for about $20+
  • Keep your laptop fully charged. You can plug your cell phone into it for charging
  • A hand-cranked radio with a USB port can recharge a cell phone in a few hours