What You Can Expect from Our

Friendly Buying Process

Buying Your Generator

After you've done your research and decided a Cummins home standby generator is right for you, Cummins is here to help you with your purchase and ensure that your investment in home standby power is right for you and the needs of your home and family.

The step-by-step guide below explains more.

Did You Know?

A standby generator is a wise investment. The return on installing a standby generator is even greater than adding a bathroom!**

**Source: http://www.remodeling.hw.net/cost-vs-value/2016/

Generator Buying: Step-by-Step

Step 1

Call or contact us to schedule a free, no obligation in-home assessment to determine which generator is right for you.


Step 2

A Cummins Authorized Dealer Representative will make an appointment to visit your home, assess your power needs, determine the best location to install the generator, and give you a full estimate for the generator and installation.*

A home standby generator plus installation typically starts at around $6,000, depending on the size of your house and the number of appliances you want to power.

Your local Cummins Dealer will tailor the estimate based on your needs.


Step 3

Congratulations, you decided to buy a Cummins generator! Your Authorized Dealer will make arrangements with you for delivery and installation*.

*Generators must be installed by a qualified professional.


Schedule Your FREE In-Home Assessment Now

In-Home Assessment

What to Expect on Installation Day

  1. Your installer fits your home with a transfer switch, a device that connects your home's electrical system to power sources – your utility provider and your generator.
  2. Your new generator is installed outside your home in the location determined by you and your Cummins Authorized Dealer.
  3. Once installed, the generator is connected to the transfer switch according to code.
  4. Your existing natural gas or propane lines are connected to the generator.
  5. Now your Cummins home standby generator is ready to provide years of dependable backup power.


The above is a guide for a typical installation; however, every situation is unique.


The most important thing to remember is safety. Installing a standby generator requires a qualified professional and compliance to various codes (national, state and local).

Fortunately, your Cummins Authorized Dealer is prepared to advise you on what the best method is to suit your situation.


What to Expect on Installation Day

Evaluating Your Standby Power Needs

Evaluating Your Standby
Power Needs

Here are some tips to help you prepare for your free in-home assessment:

Decide which appliances you can't live without and which you can. Think about how long the power outages might be. A smaller generator could be good for just the essentials, such as your refrigerator, lights and sump pump during a short-term power outage. But if you’re without power for longer periods of time, how many things can you realistically live without? A larger generator might be a better option for you.

Think about where you'd like your generator located. You can minimize the installation costs by placing the generator as close to the existing electrical service entrance as possible. Keep the generator away from bedrooms and living areas. All locations must be at least five feet away from openings, such as windows, soffit vents and doorways. Avoid overhangs, breezeways, recesses blocked by trees, shrubs or other vegetation, and areas subject to snow drifts.*
*There may be code restrictions on where you can locate your generator for safety reasons. Your Cummins Authorized Dealer or your local code authority can advise you on these.

Estimate Your Home's Power Needs

Built to Last. Backed by theCummins Warranty

Built to Last.
Backed by the Cummins Warranty.

Cummins designs and builds the most reliable engines and generators in the world, designed to operate in challenging conditions. In the rare case something does go wrong with your Cummins generator, we've got it covered with a manufacturer's 2-year warranty.

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