Does a Whole House Generator

Add Value to Your Home?

In a word...Yes!

Regardless of the size of your home, investing in a whole house generator adds value.

Houses with Generators Have Higher Prices per Square-Foot1

Houses with generators command premium prices independent of the house size. Below is a list of price-per-square-foot differences for houses with and without generators.

  • 13kw  less than 2000 sq ft less than 2,000 sq ft 3% Higher
  • 20kw 2000 - 3000 sq ft 2,000 - 3,000 sq ft 14% Higher
  • 25kw 3000 - 5000 sq ft 3,000 - 4,000 sq ft 17% Higher
  • 30kw + 5000+ sq ft 4,000+ sq ft 14% Higher

It is common for houses with generators to also have other value-added upgrades, so while the full price difference can’t be attributed to the generator, the existence of a generator consistently improves home worth.


Top 10 Upgrades to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar

  • Standby generator
  • Retractable glass walls
  • Barn, carriage house or in-law apartment
  • Butler's pantry
  • Neutral decor
  • High ceilings
  • Quartzile countertops
  • Smart home systems
  • Four-car garage
  • Spa-like bathrooms

Source: Wall Street Journal

The Real Value of a Home Generator

Of course, the primary value your family will get from a generator is safety and convenience. During a power outage, a whole house generator will power your home and will ensure life goes on. 

Don’t wait until the power is out to buy a generator. Backed by 100 years of experiencing providing reliable power, Cummins standby home generators ensure peace of mind before the power goes out.

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1Data based on analysis of 1,800+ single family residential houses for sale in Miami area. Each house will be unique and offer different characteristics impacting its price. In this analysis, we have adjusted house prices to balance differences in number of bathrooms, availability of pools and size of the lot the house sits on. We have also excluded houses with lots larger than 20,000 sq ft or smaller than 5,000 sq ft. Data is as of May 7th, 2019.