What’s Your Game Plan

When the Lights Go Out?

Inside a Football Stadium at Night with Lights On

Keeping Your Favorite Teams in the Game

Cummins generators provide backup power for dozens of major sports and entertainment arenas around the globe, including US Bank Stadium, home of this year's pro football championship game. These venues rely on Cummins generators to keep the lights on for thousands of fans and players alike.

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Backup Power to Keep YOU in the Game

Your favorite teams trust Cummins to keep the lights on, and so can you. Cummins home standby generators deliver reliable power to your home in the event of a utility power failure.

Powered by underground natural gas or liquid propane lines, your home standby generator automatically kicks in the moment an outage occurs. And, unlike portable generators, you won't have to run cords all over the house or deal with messy gasoline refills.

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How Home Generators Work Infographic

Severe Weather Doesn't Play Fair

Last year, millions of homeowners lost power due to devastating hurricanes, heat waves, blizzards and an aging power grid. Hurricane Irma alone caused more than 7.8 million customers to lose power in the southeast – 6 million in Florida, 1.3 million in Georgia and 200,000 in South Carolina.

Winning Requires Preparation and the Right Equipment

As power outages increase across North America, it’s important to have a game plan. It’s no fun being without the basics like lights, heating and air conditioning and refrigeration. Or even nice-to-haves like TV and Internet.

Check out meteorologist Cheryl Nelson’s video on winter storm preparedness to find out why a home standby generator is a must for your family’s game plan.

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