How Much Does it

Cost to Run a Whole House Generator?

The cost of running a whole house generator depends upon the size of your generator, the load the generator is running and the local cost of propane or natural gas.

Let’s focus on two popular whole house generator sizes: 13 kW and 30 kW

13 kW Generator

Cummins QuietConnect RS13A

  • Fueled by Natural Gas: $3.50/hour to $4.60/hour*
  • Fueled by Propane: $3.90/hour to $5.60/hour^


30 kW Generator

Cummins QuietConnect RS30

  • Fueled by Natural Gas: $4/hour to $7/hour*
  • Fueled by Propane: $6.50/hour to $11/hour^


Natural gas prices used are as of February 2019 and are averages of each state per U.S. Energy Information Administration. Costs are calculated assuming the generator is running at full load. Please note that the cost will fluctuate depending upon your unique needs and application.

*Based on current data for the state of Florida.     ​^Based on current data for the Gulf Coast.

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Load Management

You can also lower the cost of running by using your generator’s load management feature. With this technology, your generator can turn different appliances on and off based on household demand, reducing the load on the generator and saving fuel.

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