Insulating Your Family Against the Cold

As winter storms intensify, extreme cold, punishing winds, freezing rains and snow can knock out power, block roadways and strand you in your home. Here are a few tips to prepare your home and family for extreme winter weather.

When Temperatures Drop, Be Prepared to Power Up

Many Americans aren’t prepared to lose power during cold weather, leading to property damage, personal injury and even loss of life. Cold weather events can knock out power for days at a time. Thankfully, standby generators provide long-term power to critical appliances like your heating system and refrigerator. Be sure to plan appropriately for your home’s needs.


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Automatic Standby Generators

Cummins standby generators offer a layer of protection and peace of mind during cold weather. As soon as your home loses power, your Cummins standby generator kicks in, using your home’s natural gas or propane connection.

  • Cummins builds standby generators equipped with remote startup and diagnostics, so you can monitor and manage energy usage from your phone, so you never have to step foot into a winter storm.
  • Automatically keep furnaces and heaters running without interruption to keep you warm despite the outdoor temperature
  • Keep power running to your refrigerator and Internet service to ensure your family remains well-fed and connected during a crisis
  • Maintain power to sump pumps and well pumps to minimize basement water damage and keep drinking water flowing


Power Tip: Weather incidents cause more than 80% of power grid outages around the U.S., and outages have increased more than 450% in the last decade.

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